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This pollen-laden bumblebee heading for flowers was a dumb lucky shot I got on August 26, 2014. Well, luck has been defined as opportunity meeting preparedness, and I was photographing monarch caterpillars and other flowers and insects outside my cottage in Huron, Ohio. What was dumb luck was that I snapped the shutter at the exact moment that the moving bumblebee and the flowers were in focus!

A year earlier, when I stepped outside my cottage in Huron about 10:30 AM on Sept, 29, 2013, I nearly stumbled over a praying mantis devouring a woolly bear caterpillar. I grabbed my Canon DSLR and photographed the feast over the next hour and a half.
Let's hear it for Canon's L-series glass. The first few images were with my 35-70-mm zoom, the rest with my 100-mm portrait/closeup lens. Caution: some of these photos are not for the weak of stomach. All images copyright Trudy E. Bell.
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