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October 2011, I was fortunate enough to spend 22 days in Australia with geologist friend Nicki Agron (who had been living in Melbourne 25 years) and Jim Pollock (vice president of the Astronomical Society of Victoria) and their families. The entire trip was spent exploring the state of Victoria in great detail, seeing places U.S. tourists don't usually go: took the Great Ocean Road into the Grampian Mountains, descending into the Central Deborah gold mine (and visiting the reconstructed gold mine town Sovereign Hill), driving up to the Murray River at the border of New South Wales, seeing the Geelong Wool Museum, and photographing many natural wonders. Jim also took me behind the scenes at Museum Victoria where a cadre of volunteers who call themselves "Dad's Army" are ambitiously restoring the great 48-inch Great Melbourne Telescope. The file names tell the story. I can hardly wait to return! All images are copyright Trudy E. Bell.
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