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A growing part of my work in both journalism and reports for nonprofits is photography. My goal: each image should tell the story, or a significant aspect of a larger story. Even for photography of scientific meetings or workships, I seek to do more than simply document the event: I try to obtain images that capture the essential spirit of the individual(s) or the gathering. Thus, I prefer action photos to staged poses (although I also do my share of group photographs!).

Increasingly, I am getting into nature photography - images below of Death Valley geology and southwest wildflowers date from photographic expeditions in 2008, 2010, and 2011, and of unique sights in Victoria, Australia in 2011. I also love portraiture. My photographs have been published in Adventure Cyclist, Air & Space, American Archaeology, Sky & Telescope, The Plain Dealer,  the Science@NASA website, and in several books and reports.

The image shown here is "circum-axial leaf trails," which I shot in 2007 from a child's merry-go-round to illustrate why circumpolar star trails reveal the rotation of the earth on its axis, for a spread in my children's book Earth's Journey Through Space (Scientific American/Chelsea House, 2007). This photograph was featured on Astronomy Picture of the Day and halfway down the page on - the latter including a short explanation how it was made.

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