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Since the 1990s, my motto has been: whenever the sun and any type of clouds are in the sky at the same time, LOOK UP! Surprisingly often, you may see some amazing phenomenon - fog bows, sun dogs, the parhelic circle, crepuscular rays, the circumzenithal arc, the circumhorizontal arc, and much else. I now take a camera literally everywhere and keep a weather eye alert. This photograph of dramatic crepuscular rays extending from horizon past the zenith was taken in July 2000 from Winona, Minnesota; raging forest fires in Arizona and Montana had filled the stratosphere with fine dust, which acted as a rear projection screen to produce dramatic spectacles like this. I also got very interested in dramatic weather events after lightning struck my house in 2003, resulting in a 2004 cover feature "Struck by Lightning" for The Bent on the physics and frequency of lightning strikes (sometimes greatness is thrust upon you!)

All images copyright Trudy E. Bell - check back from time to time for more images as weather happens!
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