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Trudy E. Bell, M.A. - Articles - Astronomy, History, Environment
Trudy E. Bell, M.A.
Articles - Astronomy, History, Environment
1913 Flood - Articles and Research
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Craig B. Waff, Ph.D., 1946-2012
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Science Writer
Articles - Astronomy, History, Environment

Below are just a few of the articles I have researched and written, primarily recent ones that support my major long-term research on history of 19th-century U.S. astronomy, and energy/environmental concerns. A sampling of ones on current science and engineering and adventure travel are at bottom. For articles on the 1913 flood and its relevance today, see the next web page dedicated to that disaster.

Editors: If a print magazine or newspaper has also published an article online, I have included a link directly to the PDF or HTML (about two-thirds of the articles). Roll your mouse over the thumbnails of the print magazine or newspaper pages; those with links should turn your cursor into a hand. Depending on your browser, the article pages with links may also appear outlined in color. In some browsers, hovering over an image with your mouse may reveal hidden type giving publication details about the article. For profiles of prominent scientists/engineers and their work, or articles on travel, adventure, bicycling, or nature, or if there is a problem with a link, please contact me directly to request a PDF. I can also supply a complete list of my publications.

History of astronomy, both popular and academic, from original archival research (I've been continuing research in 19th-century U.S. observatories and telescopes since college and graduate school):

wrote a short article and other text for a Princeton Art Museum online exhibit "Transient Events" unveiled fall 2016            cover feature on the International Latitude Observatories from the 19thC to now, published spring 2016             Vintage Stargazing, Ohio magazine Sept 2007 - about the 19thC astronomical observatories and telescopes around the state of Ohio open to the public           feature article "Engineering the Heavens" in the Summer 2012 issue of The Bent, on how pre-photographic astronomers first measured the distances to stars using their eyeballs, thanks to superb engineering by astronomical instrument-makers           Feature article in Sky & Telescope, June 2011, on how vying for the world's largest telescope was a cultural movement, not just an astronomical one           Value of Vintage Observatories and Historic Telescopes in Communicating Astronomy with the Public, CAPjournal, October 2010 - published by the International Astronomical Union - summary of 2008 Antique Telescope Society's thematic workshop               Forgotten Artist of Optics, Sky & Telescope, Sept 2007 - Letters hidden in a box for decades reveal that this obscure architect and commercial artist was also one of the 20th century's most gifted optical designers                 edited the special double issue of the Journal of the Antique Telescope Society, Summer-Fall 2006,  on the shadowy early pre-1860 career of 19thC optical giant Alvan Clark             Money and Glory, The Bent of Tau Beta Pi, Winter 2006 - Warner and Swasey got their 19thC start designing the world's largest telescope                Rejuvenating Our Past: The Antique Telescope Society, Sky & Telescope, Sept 2002 - history of the ATS and its contributions to preservation its first 10 years          "Inventions and Insecurity: George Washington Housh" Griffith Observer June 2013; research supported by Herbert C. Pollock Award of Dudley Observatory            Article "Restoration of the Great Melbourne Telescope" (including photos from my visit to Museum Victoria in Australia) in Autumn 2012 issue of Society for the History of Astronomy Bulletin           Review of book The Great Melbourne Telescope by Richard Gillespie, in Autumn 2012 issue of Society for the History of Astronomy Bulletin

also have written encyclopedia entries (ranging from 600 to 5,000+ words) published in the first and second editions of the Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers (Springer, 2007 and 2014, on seven astronomers); Dictionary of Nineteeth-Century British Scientists (Thoemmes Continuum, 2004, on six astronomers); Encyclopedia Americana (grolier's 2005, major entries on atmospheric optics, bicycling, and occultations); Oxford Encyclopedia of American Science, Medicine, & Technology (Oxford University Press, 2015, major entry on astronomy and astrophysics); editors, contact me for PDFs

Articles about current astronomy, computational astrophysics, or current instrumentation:

wrote lead article on searching for life on Mars for a series of articles on life in the universe for Air & Space/Smithsonian, April/May 2016            researched and wrote August 2015 Sky & Telescope cover story on Lick Observatory's near death experience           coauthored (drafted) Scientific American article on extragalactic background light for Scientific American, June 2015            “Staring Back to Cosmic Dawn,”  cover story on CANDELS, with Sandra M. Faber, Henry C. Ferguson, David C. Koo, and Joel R. Primack. Sky & Telescope, June 2014           cover feature "Target Earth: Detecting and Avoiding Killer Asteroids," The Bent, Winter 2013, pp 12-16          article title is actually "Universe on Fast Forward," on the Bolshoi cosmological simulation, and how supercomputer modeling is transforming cosmology from an observational science into an experimental science, Sky & Telescope July 2012        A tidal wave of digital information is breaking over scientists and engineers and transforming scientific research and archival storage - read more in "Deluged by a Data Tsunami" in the Winter 2012 issue of The Bent of Tau Beta Pi.                     Air & Space Smithsonian Jan2011 - aeronautical engineering backstory how a 747SP was heavily modified to carry the world's largest telescope for NASA's SOFIA           SOFIA Flies to the Stars, The Bent of Tau Beta Pi, Fall 2010 - engineering backstory on designing a 106-inch telescope to fly on a jumbo jet, including removing 80+ percent of its mass          Nature March 7 2008 - about NASA's LISA spacecraft intended to detect gravitational waves           Air & Space Smithsonian Sept 2005 - search for gravitational waves with ALLEGRO and LIGO       Testing Einstein - Engineering Gutsy Science on a Shoestring, Summer 2005 - dramatic engineering adventure of building LIGO beam tube     These two articles in Air & Space and The Bent won the 2006 David N. Schramm Award of the American Astronomical Society            Air & Space Smithsonian Aur-Sept 2006 - on the monumental challenges of engineering around lunar and Martian dust            Electronics and the Stars, IEEE Spectrum Aug 1995 - real-time astronomical instrumentation and adaptive optics           Case Western Reserve University alumni magazine art/sci srping/summer 2011 - wrote cover story profile of Ralph P. Harvey, head of the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET)      artsci Winter 2010 - Case Western Reserve U's alumni magazine - profile of two Case astronomers and their fascinating research on stars stranded between galaxies, both around the Milky Way and in the Virgo cluster      Astronomy March 2004 - profile of David W. Dunham, pioneer in calculating and observing lunar and asteroidal occultations        

Articles about energy, infrastructure, or climate change:

 feature about crumbling damsi infrastructure, published in The Bent, spring 2017          wrote essay "Follow the Money" for 2016 youth reference book The Global Water Crisis (ABC-CLIO)            researched and wrote 9-magazine-page "Peak Water?" special report cover story on the California drought           wrote lead essay "Separating Fact from Hype" published in Chapter 3 "Perspectives" in 2015 ABC-CLIO youth reference book Fracking by David E. Newton           Tar sands crude sinks, methane explodes, SCADA control systems are hacked. Is energy pipelines safety and security a pipe dream? The Bent Winter 2015 8 magazine pages          researched and wrote 7.5-page article on hydraulic fracturing - a primer on the technology and controversies, published summer 2013 in The Bent c             Cover story spring/summer 2011 "Aggressive Engineering for Passive Houses," on how 25,000 passive houses built in Europe over the past two decades have slashed energy consumption by 90 percent.            Engineering Beyond CO2, The Bent Spring 2007  - a literature review about engineering alternatives

Weather, atmospheric phenomena, and eyeball astronomy:

Night Sky Jan-Feb 2005 - feature on thrilling meteorological optical phenomena in the daytime sky - features a few of my photographs          Struck by Lightning, The Bent of Tau Beta Pi Winter 2005 - physics and probability of lightning strikes, inspired after lightning struck my own house in Aug 2003 - includes some of my photos           article on atmospheric optics published in a bicycling magazine! in the League of American Bicyclists Magazine for summer 2001          article for kids "I Was a Teenaged Eclipse Chaser" about my first total solar eclipse seen at age 19, for Smithsonian/Cricket kids' magazine Muse, January 1999           article about Perseid meteor shower, star parties, and summer astronomical marvels for bicyclists planning their summer trips, published in Adventure Cyclist, March 1997

also wrote lengthy (5,600 words) encyclopedia entry "Atmospheric Optics" for Encyclopedia Americana, 2005

Travel, bicycling, adventure, nature:

Sunday Travel cover feature on Louisville, The Plain Dealer, March 2011           Plain Dealer Sunday Travel March 7 2010 - Miracles in Death Valley - front page travel story featuring my photographs                 The Plain Dealer Sunday Travel July 25 2010 - front page story on bicycling the C&O Canal towpath, featuring my photographs             Concrete Canvases Ohio magazine April 2010 - about amazing murals painted on floodwalls along the Ohio River                Adventure Cyclist Nov-Dec 2003 - about my 7-week 4-state bicycle camping adventure with my 9-yr-old daughter

(Page updated November 8, 2017)


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