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Trudy E. Bell, M.A. - Reports, Brochures, Outreach
Trudy E. Bell, M.A.
Articles - Astronomy, History, Environment
1913 Flood - Articles and Research
Reports, Brochures, Outreach
Craig B. Waff, Ph.D., 1946-2012
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Science Writer
Reports, Brochures, Outreach

Reports, mini-reports, and factsheets edited (not written) for the Union of Concerned Scientists 2012-2016 on energy, environment, and climate change. Photographs of mine also appear on page 5 of the Jan/Feb 2016 PAS Memo [which I did not edit]; on the cover and on page 8 of the June 2015 report on managing the risks of unconventional oil and gas development; on the front and back covers of the October 2013 report on hydraulic fracturing, plus four additional interior images on pages 6, 16, 23, and 24:

edited policy brief published August 2016           edited report published March 2016          edited report (shorter format) published March 2016          a photo of mine appears on page 5 of this Jan/Feb 2016 report             edited report and case studies on resilence of electrical grid to storm surge, Oct 2015            edited report on risks of fracking on communities, June 2015; UCS used my photos for cover and page 8            edited palm oil score card 2015, April 2015            edited (for the third year) the UCS annual report aboutt he performance of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission by David Lochbaum, March 2015            on the growing costs of western wildfires in a warming world; edited text and bibliography; suggested main title; published July 2014           60-page UCS report written by Dave Lochbaum, published March 2014          
edited this 72-page report on hydraulic fracturing published October 3, 2013, heavily contributing to the first third on technology; it also publishes half a dozen of my photographs          edited 24-page report Small Isn't Always Beautiful: Safety, Security, and Cost Concerns About Small Modular Reactors, September 2013           edited 30-page Union of Concerned Scientists report Overwhelming Risk: Rethinking Flood Insurance in a World of Rising Seas, published online August 13, 2013            I edited the main text of this report by the Union of Concerned Scientists "The NRC and Nuclear Power Plant Safety in 2012," released March 6, 2013           edited the full text of this report plus the associated Michigan report for the Union of Concerned Scientists (see acknowledgment on page v); report released Nov. 13, 2012

Reports, mini-reports, and factsheets edited for the Union of Concerned Scientists between 2012-2016 on military issues (I was the dedicated editor for the UCS Global Security program). Not included is an additional China policy document for legislators but not published for a general audience (May 2015):

edited main report and 10 appendices, published July 2016                      edited this Jan 2016 report           edited report on the 3+2 plan for nuclear weaons, Oct 2015          edited this May 2015 policy brief          edited mini-report on Close Calls with Nuclear Weapons, published April 2015        edited UCS fact sheet on President Obama's nuclear legacy          edited 10-page report on China's nuclear strategy, March 2015           edited this Feb 2015 UCS factsheet on arms control successes           2015 UCS report I edited on Excess Plutonium Disposition, written by Edwin S. Lyman (executive summary shown)          UCS web page for three 2015 factsheets I edited on nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert        

Outreach work for the University of California High-Performance AstroComputing Center (UC-HiPACC) 2011-2015 included drafting three 8-page annual reports, the last one covering the entire five years of its existence; for all three, I also designed the layouts and took most of the photos in the annual reports as well as many on the UC-HiPACC website. Beginning in 2012, I created a series of approximately monthly AstroShorts news features on research in computational astronomy for reprinting in newsletters of astronomical societies (all 21 AstroShorts are available on the UC-HiPACC website here). And I drafted and co-authored feature articles for national magazines (notably Scientific American and Sky & Telescope) with the UC-HiPACC director and other scientists, wrote seven press releases (all are available
on the UC-HiPACC website here), and proposed, organized, and ran a Computational Astronomy Journalism Boot Camp (June 2012). UC-HiPACC articles and reports:

coauthored (drafted) Scientific American article on extragalactic background light for Scientific American, June 2015           drafted and designed 5-year report covering UC-HiPACC's 5 years of existence 2010-2014           “Staring Back to Cosmic Dawn,” cover story about CANDELS; wrote with Sandra M. Faber, Henry C. Ferguson, David C. Koo, and Joel R. Primack. Sky & Telescope, June 2014           UC-HiPACC 4+Year Report 2010-2014, which I drafted and designed and includes many of my photos         "A Computational Astronomy Boot Camp" article in ScienceWriters for NASW Winter 2013        drafted text for UC-HiPACC 3-yr report 2010-2012, designed layout, shot photos        drafted text for article on Bolshoi coauthored with Joel Primack; cover story for Sept 2012 Sky & Telescope        Created approximately monthly series of short stories on computational astronomy for astronomical societies

Editors: contact me if you want to see additional brochures and reports drafted, written, or edited for other clients, which have included:

Abt Associates; American Museum-Hayden Planetarium; Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM); Binney & Smith (Crayola); Case Western Reserve University; Cleveland Museum of Art; Coalition for Academic and Scientific Computing (CASC); Contel Technology Center (later part of GTE); Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA); Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (I3P); Interstellar Studios (for PBS special “400 Years of the Telescope”); Lutheran Children's and Family Services; McKinsey & Co.; National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA); National Cancer Institute (NCI); National Coordination Office/Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NCO/NITRD); National Institutes of Health (NIH)/World Health Organization; National Nanotechnology Coordination Office/National Nanotechology Initiative (NNCO/NNI); National Science Foundation (NSF); U.S. Congressional Office of Technology Assessment (OTA); Telcordia (formerly Bellcore); Teleprompter Corporation (later part of Group W Cable); Union of Concerned Scientists; University of Akron/ U.S. Department of Energy; SMART Consortium/WVIZ ideastream® (PBS TV).

For NASA, my biggest body of work was 42 stories from 2002 to 2011 for the popular Science@NASA website and for NASA Space Place for astronomy club newsletters (this experience later inspired me to create the AstroShorts about computational astronomy for UC-HiPACC). Complete list of all 42 NASA stories with URLs can be downloaded from the far left column.

(Page updated November 8, 2017)


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