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Please contact me directly for more detailed background, a formal C.V., and copies of print clips that are not available online:

Trudy E. Bell, M.A.
Science, Engineering, and Travel Writer and Editor
Ohio (near Cleveland)
t.e.bell @ ieee dot org  (remove spaces and insert the dot) 

Adventure journalist at play (caption below images):
observing a dawn grazing lunar occultation from the Sahara Desert in Mauritania, Aftica        photograph taken of my 9-year-old daughter and myself on the final day of our 7-week solo tandem tour in 2000        photograph of Stan, a bicycle nomad in Colorado, whom I met when on a Backroads bicycle trip       Everest base camp at 17,000 feet - possibly the hardest physical task I ever accomplished (because of the altitude)      hefting a pumice boulder at Panum Crater, Mono Lake, Calif.       yes, empirical testing verifies that Salt Lake is truly salty enough to keep you afloat without treading water        science at play - flying a solar UFO, basically a thin black plastic bag with air inside heated by the sun - it worked impressively well!        Melbourne, Australia - I'm in the bee suit with the camera, photographing Avi Olshina collecting frames of honey in his backyard hives - photo by Nicki Agron          at the base of a medium-sized giant Sequoia on April 1, 2015, during the epic California drought        me with two random photographers met in the Carrizo Plain, March 2016 (Soda Lake in background)

Just a few images specifically from personal adventure travels to the Sahara Desert, on a 7-week unsupported solo tandem-bicycle adventure with my daughter (then 9), a bicycle nomad named Stan I met in Colorado while pedaling from Bryce to Zion to Grand Canyon, at Mount Everest base camp at 17,000 feet in Nepal, at Panum Crater in Calif., in Salt Lake "look ma, no hands" Utah, flying a passive solar "UFO" (science at play), photographing the collecting of honey from a beehive in Australia, and standing at the base of a medium-sized giant Sequoia (photo published in my 2016 drought article for The Bent), standing with two random photographers atop hill overlooking Soda Lake in the Carrizo Plain, CA, during my solo 5-week expedition photographicn wildflowers and weirdness March 2016 (including Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and the Salton Sea). (In some browsers, more detailed descriptions may appear if you roll your mouse over the image).

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