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Atmospheric optics and other daytime phenomena:

Atmospheric Optics Picture of the Day or "OPOD" - including galleries of past images - WOW! whenever sun and clouds are in the sky together, look up! It's more than "just" rainbows!
Atmospheric Optics site with taxonomy of displays by type (rays and shadows, ice crystals, etc.), featuring photos and diagrams of the physics - a terrific reference
Atmospheric Optics page of EPOD (Earth Science Picture of the Day) - more stunning images

Atmospheric optics in the news:
"SDO Sundog Mystery" on Science @ NASA, on how the 2010 launch of the Solar Dynamics Observatory accidentally destroyed a sundog and created a new atmospheric optics phenomenon on earth - complete with movie
"Rings Around the Sun" on Science @ NASA - my own story of seeing the entire rare parhelic circle in 2002

Bicycling (especially bicycle touring and commuting):

Adventure Cycling Association - great stories about great tours, plus gear, maps, and guided trips for your own dream bicycle tour; publishes Adventure Cyclist magazine
League of American Bicyclists - looking out for and lobbying for our rights as cyclists; publishes LAB magazine

History of observatories and telescopes:

Antique Telescope Society - founded in 1991, the ATS focuses on education, preservation, restoration, historical documentation of historic telescopes; it holds an annual convention at an observatory of historic significance in the U.S. or Europe, and publishes the Journal of the Antique Telescope Society (including a special double issue about new primary sources about world-renowned 19th-century telescope-maker Alvan Clark). The ATS has also held periodic regional meetings and, in 2008 in anticipation of the International Year of Astronomy of 2009, one thematic workshop on "The Vintage Observatory: Thriving in the Twenty-First Century" (summary of the ATS thematic workshop's education and outreach sessions appears on the International Astronomical Union website in the October 2010 issue of CAPjournal - see last article). Individual members are skilled at restoring antique astronomical instruments, notably Chris Ray of Ray Museum Studios in Pennsylvania.

Miscellaneous; fun stuff:

Song of a Wandering Soul - literary criticism blog by my talented daughter Roxana Bell, a former Rotary exchange student to South Africa with a deep interest in using the arts to further international relations

"Best Office Prank Ever" - YouTube video - over 8 million hits, and a true inspiration to pranksters everywhere! - Now also with fast-paced narration about how it was done "Best Office Prank Ever (w Commentary)" - with 280,000+ hits!

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