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Trudy E. Bell, M.A. - Books
Trudy E. Bell, M.A.
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History, science, and technology books for adults:

Note: in Microsoft Internet Explorer, you will see a few details about each book if you run your mouse over each cover; other browsers, such as Safari and Firefox, however, may not reveal the hidden text.

Great Dayton Flood of 1913, Arcadia 2008 - the 1913 flood was the most geographically widespread natural disaster the nation had suffered, and still stands as Ohio's worst weather disaster - see articles for more about the 1913 flood                    Weather, Smithsonian Science 101, HarperCollins 2007 - intended for novice adults, book ranges from history of meteorology to atmospheric optics and weather on other planets - also includes half a dozen of my photographs                    Engineering Tomorrow, IEEE Press 2000 - IEEE's millennium book - based on interviews with 50 IEEE Fellows, Nobel laureates, and other luminaries Engineering Tomorrow was named an Outstanding Academic Title  by Choice magazine, journal of academic librarians, in 2001                  Close Up New Worlds with Ben Bova, St Martins Press - I was ms editor - chapters were written by science fiction greats reflecting on how actual space exploration affected cultural views of the solar system

Astronomy books for middle school ages:

Earths Journey Through Space, Scientific American Chelsea 2007 - focuses on all the dizzying motions of earth, from spinning on its axis and revolving around the sun, to being swept through space around our galaxy and expanding out into the universe                    The Inner Planets, Byron Preiss Smart Apple Media 2003 - most recent spacecraft discoveries          Comets, Meteors, Asteroids, and the Outer Reaches, Byron Preiss Smart Apple Media 2003 - neat stuff about all the bizarre outskirts of the solar system, written just before Pluto was demoted from planethood          The Sun, Byron Preiss Smart Apple Media 2004 - includes a trip from the sun's core through its surface into the corona, and captures the marvels of total eclipses of the sun

Bicycling ride guides and how-to books for adults and families:

Bicycling With Children, Mountaineers 1999 - the first, and still the only, comprehensive how-to guide to family cycling from infancy to teens, including bicycle commuting and touring                       The Essential Bicycle Commuter, Ragged Mountain 1998 - first bicycle commuting book that also includes information about women's needs                     Best Bike Rides in Mid-Atlantic, 2d ed, Globe Pequot 1997 - such a popular book that it was later split in half and went through multiple editions, after I had moved away from the Mid-Atlantic           Best Bike Rides in Mid-Atlantic, 1st ed, Globe Pequot 1994                      Bicycling Around NYC Gentle Touring Guide, Menasha Ridge Press 1994 - all original tours in no other book, written in narrative format so it's also a fun read about local history and attractions, not just cue-sheet directions


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